How We Work

At Maple & Gray, we work closely with you to tailor a kitchen to your lifestyle. Everything is sourced carefully and made to measure, offering a great deal of flexibility.

We find out your likes and dislikes in a kitchen and can advise you on design and use of space, and give you an idea of the range of innovative features that can be incorporated.

When designing a kitchen, layout is key but it’s the small details too that can really make a difference – beautiful larder racks, bespoke cutlery trays – creative design that makes your life that bit simpler.

After our initial briefing, we produce detailed plans to meet your exact requirements and your budget. The cabinetry is crafted on-site in our Berkshire workshop, and we install all of our kitchens ourselves so we can quality control the entire process.



The enduring popularity of the Shaker kitchen is with good reason. Functional and yet aesthetically pleasing, the traditional Shaker kitchen is timeless and the foundation of our Marlow Collection.

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The shaker style is adaptable and versatile. Our designs for our Winkfield Collection follow the same principles as the Marlow Collection but offer cleaner, crisper lines for a more contemporary look.

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